Our Roast for Relief: The Story of SCCC Honduras Single Origin

Our Roast for Relief: The Story of SCCC Honduras Single Origin

We are based in an awesome community, Paterson NJ. We have some really awesome neighbors. We get to see Paterson leaders work together for greater good, all the time. We knew we had something special when we launched our Honduras Roast at the same time as our partners were doing Relief Work for Honduras, after Hurricanes Eta & Iota last year. But first, let’s backtrack. We want you to really know what makes Honduras Single Origin so special for us, why Honduras is our Roast for Relief.

“Why Honduras? Because Honduras really needs our help.” – Pastor Julio Ramos

First a bit about Honduras:

Honduras is a Central American country with Caribbean Sea coastlines to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. In Honduras’ tropical rainforest, the ancient Mayan ceremonial ruins of Copán have stone-carved hieroglyphics and stelae, tall stone monuments. In the Caribbean Sea are the Bay Islands (called “Las Islas de la Bahia”), Roatan is a diving destination that’s part of the 1,000km-long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. (Trust me, I’ve been there – it’s paradise on Earth.) The people are humble, hard working and family oriented. However, due to heavy immigration and gang & drug cartel activity, violence is a common occurrence in Honduras, and homicide rates remains among the highest in the world. In Honduras, recent estimates suggest about 50 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line, and political corruption in Honduras is both historical and widespread. To top it all off, last year, in the middle of a global pandemic, Honduras was devastated by two natural disasters, Category 4 Hurricane Eta & Category 5 Hurricane Iota, within a mere 2 weeks of one another. Major landslides and failure of government to render aid has made recovery a long and arduous process.

We have some amazing partners:

COLAPA stands for Confraternidad Latina de Pastores, or, Brotherhood of Latino Pastors, is a fellowship of NJ and NY pastors, many of whom pastor in the greater Paterson area. COLAPA often participates in missionary and community level efforts, including fresh food distribution to the community, as well as partnering together on broader international relief and evangelism efforts. Pastor Julio Ramos, of Fountain of Salvation Church in Paterson, along with the help and support of COLAPA and Star of Hope Ministries, collected food, clothing, PPE and medicinal first aid resources for Honduran people. This collection drive resulted in enough resources to fill a 40ft cargo container and bring relief directly into the hands of those in most need. What better example of partnership and the power of working together for the greater good, than the work of Pastor Julio Ramos and COLAPA as they serve their brothers and sisters in Honduras. Check out their video below.

Enter our Honduras ROAST FOR RELIEF:

Silk City Coffee Co is partnering with these relief efforts as we celebrate our newest “Honduras Roast”! We are dedicating all of the proceeds from our Honduras Singe Origin coffee sales, through the end of June 2021, to support the relief work in Honduras. Its easy… and delicious, for you to support. Just click here to make your purchase today.

The Story of our Honduras Single Origin Roast:

Our Honduras Single Origin comes directly from it’s native country through our partnership with the Honduran Coffee Alliance. because our mission is and always has been to empower our coffee grower friends, their farms and their communities. Our coffee comes from two family owned farms in Honduras. Click here to read about the two Honduras Coffee Farms where our beans grow.

Help us support our coffee grower communities, and the powerful relief efforts for Honduras today simply by enjoying our delicious Honduras Single Origin Roast.

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