The Honduras Coffee Farmers who grow our Honduras Beans

The Honduras Coffee Farmers who grow our Honduras Beans

Get to know Honduras Coffee Farmers

Thanks for joining us for a quick mini blog, just highlighting the ORIGINS of our Honduran beans!

The story of our Honduras Single Origin Roast:

Our Honduras Single Origin comes directly from it’s native country through our partnership with the Honduran Coffee Alliance. because our mission is and always has been to empower our coffee grower friends, their farms and their communities. Our coffee comes from two family owned farms in Honduras:

Farm Name: Finca El Esfuerzo

Farm Location: El Esfuerzo (town), San José (city), La Paz (department/region)

Maria & her husband Edwin bought Finca El Esfuerzo 20 years ago right across the road from the farm that Edwin had inherited so they could manage both together. They have had many challenges, from coffee rust to climate challenges and low prices, but have persevered. Maria and Edwin now have three kids (18, 16, and 6 years old) and are starting to invest more and more in their farms. Maria is very proud of having switched to fully organic and receiving the Fair Trade and Organic certifications six years ago. She says she can really see the difference in her farm in how green and lush it now looks.


Farm Name: Finca Tatascán

Farm Location: El Aguatal (town), Santa Maria (city), La Paz (department/region)

Hubert is a third-generation coffee farmer and grew up in the same mountains he has his farm. He left the coffee mountains to study agronomical engineering on the north coast. Coffee is a way of life for the people where he grew up, so he always knew he wanted to be a coffee farmer and work to find a better way to grow coffee. Hubert inherited his first farm, Finca La Pila, after graduating and worked with his family to manage the farm. He later inherited half, and later bought the other half of Finca Tatascán.  He is very passionate about using all organic practices on his farm and he and his cooperative have been Fair Trade and Organic certified, as well as showing other farmers the same through education and training.

Help us support our coffee grower communities, and the powerful relief efforts for Honduras today simply by enjoying our delicious Honduras Single Origin Roast. Stick around over the next couple weeks to hear about how we are supporting relief efforts in Honduras through our Roast for Relief. #R4R

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