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Know your Coffee Drinks SERIES: Pt 1 “ESpresso, Doppio, Black & Red Eye”

Okay, first things first, what’s an Americano anyway?! Well, if you don’t know the answer to that question, if you can’t even decipher the coffee jargon you hear like “nitro” and “flat”… you’ve come to the right blog. Breathe deep, this is a no judgement zone. It’s time to up your coffee jargon game, at…
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What’s in a name, that a coffee would be as strong?

With the holidays upon us, many will be reaching for an extra mug to get through nights of wrapping gifts after the young ones are asleep, or maybe just the chance to sit back and sip admiring the tree you put so much effort in getting up… or maybe just ’cause its something warm to…
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Third Wave vs Specialty Coffee: What it means and why it (really) matters

Third wave and Specialty coffee are terms being tossed all around the café, coffee shop world these days… but what do those terms actually mean? Is it just snobby marketing to give an excuse to charge more, or am I actually getting a higher quality product? Maybe it’s something much deeper. Our friends at FreshGround Roast in Geneva,…
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