Be Your Own Favorite Barista (BYOFB) Series Pt 3: Grind Matters!

Be Your Own Favorite Barista (BYOFB) Series Pt 3: Grind Matters!

Something I have been enjoying these days, that admittedly, I didn’t do much of before last year, is grinding my own beans at home. What I mean is, when I buy my beans, buying whole beans, instead of ground, and then grinding my beans in a grinder at home. Let me be a witness, this has made all the difference! You’ll feel an instant increase in your coffee connoisseur-ness. Let me explain.

Be your own favorite barista and see how grinding your own coffee can help you make the best cup of coffee at home.

Be your own favorite barista (BYOFB)… no standing in line or curbside pickup required.

Fine vs Course:

More course coffee (think of super small pebbles) is going to allow water to pass through it much faster, extracting less and producing a weaker or softer tasting coffee. A more course grind is better for a french press, for example.

A more fine ground coffee (think of a soft powdery texture) will pass water through it much more slowly, meaning it is in contact with the coffee for a longer period of time, and extracting a bolder stronger tasting coffee. To relate to coffee beverages, fine ground coffee is best for pour overs or espresso.

If you want to try for yourself, grab a grinder (our friends at FreshGround Roasting always recommend Burr Grinders) and set the adjustable setting more course and brew as you would normally, and then repeat the process with a more fine grind. See the difference and let us know which you like more!

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