Be your own favorite Barista Series Pt 1: Good Beans

Be your own favorite Barista Series Pt 1: Good Beans

2021 is here! But for many of us, that doesn’t mean we are out and about back to the “normal” circa 2019. For those of us still making most of our coffee at home, we are sharing a quick series on stepping up your coffee game at home, so you can be your own favorite barista. & Let’s get real, for those of us who’s resolutions have some “save money” connotations, making coffee at home vs buying green cups every morning is a great way to cut some expenses. 

Be your own favorite barista… no standing in line or curbside pickup required.

From our friends at FreshGround Roasting in Geneva, Il., share some great insight to making really good coffee right in our own kitchen which we will share right here. If you’re starting with us on this series, you’ll find a great introduction in our first blog post, on the 4 Brewing Basics. After that, head back here to start our series.

So good coffee at home starts with… you guessed it… good coffee beans! How do you know you’re coffee is up to the test?

  1. Look for roasts dates! Fresh coffee is always best, ideally consume within 2-4 weeks of that roast date. (You’ll find ours on the bag label of your bag.)
  2. Same for grinding! If you have a grinder at home, get whole beans and grind your coffee right when you want to drink it. Grind exactly how much you want to use, based on how much coffee you want to make & what your brewing method is. (For example, for a shot of espresso, you’ll probably want to use between 6-8 grams of ground coffee)
  3. Try a few different beans: dark roasts, light roasts, and a variety of “notes” and flavors! Taste and see, and find your favorite.
  4. Check out, if you can, about your roasters’ ethics: are they a third wave or specialty company? That may not change the taste BUT yes, the quality, and it will certainly impact the sustainability & quality of coffee for years to come. We are a specialty coffee company, and make it part of our mission to empower coffee grower communities. (For more info on this, check out our other recent blog on what those terms mean, and what it means to us.)

When it comes to the best beans, you can’t go wrong on any of these qualifications with Silk City Coffee Co., so make sure you’ve got your favorite roast on hand and you’re ready to be your own favorite barista.

Ps. Did you hear?! We launched our Coffee Connoisseur Club (C3), our specialty coffee subscription service! To get coffee delivered to your door whenever you want, just:

1. Choose your favorite roasts and grind preference,
2. Click on “Join our Coffee Connoisseur Club: Subscribe & Save 5%”
3. You decide when you want it to show up at your door! Check out and never have to worry about running out of coffee again. All while taking 5% off with each and every automatically recurring order. It’s that easy.

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