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What We Believe

Let’s get to know each other a little better.


“Let’s grab a coffee sometime…”
We believe coffee ignites conversation, interaction and therefore, relationship. We believe that everything starts with relationship. We’ve spent years gathering with friends around a great cup of coffee just talking, building relationships in the inner city and learning about and serving our neighbors. We believe that we can truly change lives by partnering with suppliers who exist to build long term, life changing relationships across the globe.
Above all, we exist to share the good news about the greatest relationship of hope and grace. There is only one relationship that can make us whole, a real relationship with Jesus Christ.


Empowerment through education and opportunities
It’s important to us to preserve the dignity of all individuals created in God’s image. We believe, rather than handouts, we create long lasting change when we create opportunities to allow people to use their God given gifts, skills and talents in a meaningful way that can help them provide for their families. When you purchase from Silk City Coffee Co., you are supporting a work to empower others through transformative programming and opportunities for meaningful employment.

For us, it’s also important to empower coffee grower communities all over the world, to make sure that our practices and those of our partners are ethical, sustainable and provide opportunities for the coffee farmers and their families. Traditional ways of coffee export often involve exploit of third world coffee farmers, they and their families and communities surviving on less than a liveable wage. This hurts the land, and the people.
We strive to work with partners that are exporting and importing high quality beans while working alongside coffee growers and their families. It’s about developing a relationship with communities that want real change and helping create solutions and accountability. Through the concept of “transformational trading”, our partners work in missions around the globe helping to edify and empower our coffee growing friends and their communities.


Healing happens in part through what we put into our bodies. It’s important to us to source quality foods locally, and sustainably.  We strive for excellence in all we do, especially coffee & food sourcing, using only sustainable, whole and natural ingredients.