High Quality Coffee
for a great cause

With every purchase, you grow a greater cause towards equity and community programming in the inner city.

The history of our coffee

Silk City Coffee Co. knows coffee, and we’ve sourced ethical, high quality coffee beans that are sure to put a pep in your step every day. Silk City Coffee Co. also knows Paterson. We’ve been here over 100 years. Our starting point is always excellence in coffee sourcing and our rich history in our community.


The most ordered pizza

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Our signature dark roast boasts smokey, caramel flavors with a hint of sweetness on the finish. This roast is named for the location of origin, Yirgacheffe – “YERG-uh-chef-ee” – a region in central southern Ethiopia.

$ 16


Broadway Blend

Our Broadway blend is a bright, smooth, wake-you-up morning coffee, full of bright flavors like blueberries and apricots to start your day off right.

$ 16


Great Falls Blend

A sweet, smooth and full-bodied Central American blend with lots of milk chocolate notes and a hint of walnut on the finish.  The perfectly smooth and peaceful evening roast. 

$ 16


Hope Decaf

Our signature decaf is a Columbian medium roast gem, full bodied with chocolate and almond notes, decaffeinated by sugar cane process. 

$ 17


Good Coffee that’s for a Great Cause

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